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In January 2018, Chariot Top Group B.V. via its associated company Chariot Group B.V. acquired a portfolio of 28 real estate assets from ARES/AXA/APOLLO RIDA, consisting of 9 M1 shopping centers, 12 hypermarkets, 4 Power Parks and 3 stand-alone DIY stores. The portfolio had a total GLA of about 702,000 sqm. The acquisition was partially financed with approx. EUR 635 million-bank debt from HSBC.

At the same time, Chariot managed to sign the PSPA for disposal substantial part of portfolio, consisting of 8 M1 shopping centers and 4 Power Parks to EPP. The deal with EPP has been divided into three tranches. As of now two tranches are completed and 8 M1’s are sold to EPP. The third and last tranche of the transaction, which is expected in June 2020, will contain four Power Parks. The investment strategy of Chariot is to provide long-term and stable returns on income producing assets to shareholders.