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In January 2018, Chariot Top Group B.V. via its associated company Chariot Group B.V. acquired a portfolio of 28 real estate assets from ARES/AXA/APOLLO RIDA, consisting of 9 M1 shopping centers, 12 hypermarkets, 4 Power Parks and 3 stand-alone DIY stores. The portfolio had a total GLA of about 704,000 sqm. The acquisition was partially financed with approx. EUR 635 million-bank debt from HSBC.

At the same time, Chariot managed to sign the PSPA for disposal substantial part of portfolio, consisting of 8 M1 shopping centers and 4 Power Parks to EPP. The deal with EPP has been divided into three tranches and completed in March 2021. The investment strategy of Chariot is to provide long-term and stable returns on income producing assets to shareholders.